Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mystery Diagnosis Baby Julie

Mystery Diagnosis Baby Julie

A corollary: a neighbor's son just left his first semester of college with four incompletes and a schizophrenia diagnosis. But who would point out how nice it was for her that she had 18 years of relative normalcy and success before that ..... But there is so much luck and mystery to life so many possibilities for happiness contentment fulfillment not just one. Because those things are less contingent on material factors (even having children or not) than the meaning ...

Mystery Diagnosis Baby Julie »

We are seeing so many loose CPD diagnoses in our area it is of epidemic proportions. While in the past women were able to give birth to a baby with less than optimum position these are all becoming caesareans. At the time of pregnancy/ birth a team of care-givers ... Julie and Brian (not their real name) took my class; they were so looking forward to their home water birth. Every time I saw Julie and Brian they were bursting with enthusiasm eagerness and happiness. ...


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