Monday, August 30, 2010

Teresa Giudice Nephew

Teresa Giudice Nephew

Dave's related to my friend's brother-in-law and they were in town for my friend's nephew's baptism today (Dave's wife is the godmother). I talked to him at the reception that followed at her house. Anyway he's mad chill. Talked about his animals (6 cats plus more of other thingss) and how he's currently in .... nicolebitchie 2010-08-08 09:29 am UTC (link). That dude with the fug hair has Teresa Giudice forehead. Laser that shit bro! (Reply to this) (Parent)(Thread) ...

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Dina getting upset over Danielle's alleged attempt to cause her to lose custody makes about as much sense as me getting upset over my two year old nephew's attempt to break my leg when he kicked me last week. If Danielle did reveal something .... One the View the other day Teresa start talking about owning apartment buildings (4 large buildings in Orange NJ and the tenants not paying the rent and this was the reason they filed bankruptcy. My question is does he still ...


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